Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

Director of department: Senior Researcher Aurelian-Petruș PLOPEANU

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (DSU) is one of the two pillars of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (ICI), established in 2007 as expertise institution in the field of advanced interdisciplinary research of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. The research activities within DSU are carried out following the UAIC’s strategy, covering the fields of humanities and social sciences. The DSU members research generous, innovative and intellectually fertile topics, of great national and international academic importance, within individual research projects in fields such as philology, economics, history, philosophy, theology, and geography.

DSU promotes and stimulates the excellence and the interdisciplinary cooperation in research, encourages young researchers to pursue a career in this fascinating field, being a living, vibrant and innovative intellectual environment to produce and disseminate valuable ideas and indisputable research directions. At the same time, it is a solid platform to internationalize the interdisciplinary research at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași.

As a young and dynamic advanced interdisciplinary research department, DSU aims to continue to promote and increase its efforts to strengthen its reputation, national and international visibility, and quality scientific results. DSU, an environment for the circulation of free ideas and critical thinking, intends to become a role model for national and international research. Building everything under the rule of morality, dignity, and freedom, DSU wants to become an important pillar and a landmark in the relationship with the general public, able to respond to the challenges of the present and the future, without neglecting the ethos and legacy of the past.

Senior Researcher Aurelian-Petruș PLOPEANU

Director of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

MEMBERS OF the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities