Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

Director of department: Senior Researcher Aurelian-Petruș PLOPEANU

The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (DSU) is one of the two components of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (ICI), established in 2007 as an institution of expertise in the field of advanced interdisciplinary research of the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” (UAIC) of Iasi.

The research activities of the DSU, carried out in line with the UAIC research strategy and the national/European research and innovation strategy, cover most fields of humanities and social sciences (philology, philosophy, economics, history, theology, geography and sociology), proposing academically and socially relevant topics to respond to the intellectual and social challenges of today’s world, both in individual and group projects.

DSU promotes and stimulates excellence and inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation in research, encourages young people to pursue a career in research, providing a lively, vibrant and challenging intellectual environment to produce and disseminate valuable ideas and relevant research directions. At the same time, the DSU represents a strong academic platform to internationalize interdisciplinary research within the UAIC.

As a dynamic department, the DSU intends to continue to encourage and enhance efforts to strengthen its reputation, national and international visibility, and quality of scientific output, providing an environment for free ideas and critical thinking. By building everything under the banner of morality, dignity and freedom, the DSU aims to become an important pillar and a landmark in its relationship with academia and civil society, capable of responding to a range of complex challenges of the present and the future, building on the ethos and legacy of the past.

Senior Researcher Aurelian-Petruș PLOPEANU

Director of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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