Director of  Department: Senior Researcher I PhD Sorin TAȘCU

Site web: http://www.ramtech.uaic.ro

The RAMTECH Center aims to enlarge the research competitiveness of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, by developing basic and applied research in advanced materials science with particular emphasis in the fields of integrated nonlinear optics and photonics for quantum communications, plasma-assisted thin films deposition, plasma diagnostics, photovoltaic materials, sensor materials and devices. The activity of the center is deliberately developed in such a way as to ingeniously balance basic research and application-oriented research. Much effort is devoted to applied research based on novel technologies for the fabrication of materials and devices with advanced properties and functionality.

The research activity is conducted through top-level equipped laboratories:

L1. Optics - Photonics - Optoelectronics I

L2. Optics - Photonics - Optoelectronics II

L3. Clean-room - UV Photolithography

L4. Optical Waveguides Fabrication

L5. Plasma-assisted Thin Films Deposition (PLD, HiPIMS)

L6. Multifunctional Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

L7. Gas&Humidity Testing and Characterization

L8. Microstructural Characterization

Senior Researcher I PhD habil. Sorin TAȘCU

Director of RAMTECH Center