The Institute of Interdisciplinary Research is a research and technological transfer structure functioning within “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, whose main objective is to generate and promote excellence in research, according to the institutional development strategy, aimed at increasing the capacity of research, development and innovation, as well as international competitiveness and visibility.

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Research includes two interdisciplinary research departments: the Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities and three research centres: The Integrated Center of Environmental Science Studies in the North-Eastern Development Region (CERNESIM), The Research Center on Advanced Materials and Technologies (RAMTECH) and The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Archaeology (ARHEOINVEST), including Archaeological research base “Acad. Mircea Petrescu-Dîmbovița” Cucuteni-Băiceni.

The research-development and technological transfer activity of the Institute is conducted in compliance with the Strategic Plan for Institutional Development of the University, being oriented towards fundamental and applicative research activities in the following fundamental fields: a. Exact Sciences; b. Sciences of Life, Environment and Earth; c. Humanities and d. Social Sciences.

Aiming at the consolidation of the international recognition of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași for the quality of its research activity, the Institute focusses on developing scientific research that is relevant for the academic, economic and social environment by encouraging multi- and interdisciplinary research activities through efficient collaboration of the component entities, including collaborations with our local and global partners, and through open communication in the outcomes valorisation process.

The transgression of the epistemological and methodological boundaries between disciplines within scientific research has required a reassessment of the research object which is no longer viewed from the point of view of a single discipline, but is placed under the complex magnifying glass of an interdisciplinary approach. The need for complex approaches, that could overcome disciplinary atomization tendencies, is dictated by the dynamics of the contemporary world, in which sciences are required to identify and provide rapid and optimal solutions for managing the challenges our society is facing. In the context of the ever-increasing importance given to interdisciplinary research at a global level, the Institute aims at consolidating the interdisciplinary character of the research, which, due to the methodological and epistemological contribution of several disciplines, could deepen and extend knowledge, responding thus to the challenges and complexity of our contemporary world.

Mihaela MOCANU, Ph.D.

Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research