Research Assistant PhD. Alina Moroșanu

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Alina Moroșanu (b. 1982) is a research assistant at the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (ICI). Since 2011, Alina has had a Ph.D. in the fundamental field of Economics, specializing in Cybernetics and Economic Statistics. She carried out a research internship at the University of Perugia, Italy (November 2010 – April 2011), where she participated in courses and seminars on data analysis in R software. As author or co-author, she has published several works, both in Romania and abroad. The published papers cover areas such as surveys, bibliometrics, human resources management, healthcare management, environmental pollution, and transport. After completing her Ph.D., she worked in Romanian or foreign-owned companies as a statistician expert, analyst, and manager. During these professional experiences, Alina participated in numerous projects, which involved conducting surveys, data processing and analysis, writing research reports, and developing local/regional development strategies.