Senior Researcher II dr. Mihaela Mocanu

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Mihaela MOCANU is Senior Researcher, Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Philology, a Master’s degree in Comparative literature and Cultural Anthropology and a joint doctoral degree at the Doctoral School of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences and the Doctoral School of Informatics of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași. She is a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Cultural Heritage (IRCCH) research group, which includes researchers from the field of humanities and social sciences and whose main objective is the investigation of the national cultural heritage in the European context, amid globalization and increasing human mobility (https://erris.gov.ro/Interdisciplinary-Research-C-3). Member of several projects with national and international funding, she is only author of two books and co-author of other six volumes.