Research Assistant dr. Iosif Tamaș

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Tamaș Iosif, research assistant affiliated within the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iași. He works in the aforementioned department since October 2020, after having been transfered for academic purposes from the Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology of the same University, where he had been a researcher since the year 2009. The main interests of his field of research include theological religious discourse analized in philosophical, moral and social contexts, and aspects of national and Europeanreligious identity. The fruits of his research and academic work over the years include papers and studies published in academic journals and books, on themes such as the idea of cultural memory, ethics and social epistemology, sacramental social and cultural representation in the geographical area of Moldova and the European-Romanian region. He has focused on the evolution of religious inclusion and exclusion factors in the social context, choosing ‘fields of activity’ as a main source of such factors. In his research projects, he has emphasised views that are fundamental to the idea of protecting life, such as projecting the future through a culture of togetherness and rejecting the concept of social outcast. He is currently working on a project consisting of gathering and archiving information from a wide range of publications, about the Catholic Church in Romania.