Ciprian Bursuc

Research Assistent dr. Ioan Ciprian Bursuc

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Bursuc Ioan Ciprian is a Research Assistant (RA) in Philosophy at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (ICI), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department (DSU), “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași. He graduated from UAIC Iași, but also did parts of his studies and research in philosophy at the universities of Dijon and Freiburg. He is currently working on a PhD Thesis about Martin Heidegger’s account on the origin of philosophy in wonder (Thaumazein). His main research interests include radical hermeneutics, fundamental ontology, phenomenology of moods and the history of metaphysics. During a two years project, he also did research in the ontology of the self and wrote about Alexandru Dragomir’s autology. The central question he pursues is about the scope and relevance of a phenomenology of moods that is developed out of a critical evaluation of Heidegger’s viewpoints regarding moods, dispositions and attunements.