International conference Perspectives in Humanities and Social Sciences (PHSS)

Descriere: The conference addresses the following categories of researchers: junior researchers, middle-career researchers, senior researchers, as well as academic project managers. Within the broader frame of interdisciplinary approaches, we are trying to create a larger platform for academic debates and information exchange. We endeavour to facilitate academic networking for young research teams and to encourage cross-institutional collaboration. The dialogue of individual approaches can be also a good starting point for future partnerships.
Webpage: https://conferencephss.com/

International Symposium “Investigations into Romanian and European Biblical Traditions”

Descriere: The symposium aims to encourage multi- and interdisciplinary debates on the issues raised by the publication, translation, interpretation, dissemination and reception of sacred texts into Romanian and other modern languages.
Webpage: http://consilr.info.uaic.ro/~mld/monumenta/simpozionMLD.html