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Science Research Department, CERNESIM Center

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Research field: Heterocyclic Compounds with three area of expertise: Chemistry and Health – the development of new useful reactions for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, and in particular, reactions involving reactive species such as cycloimmoniu ylides. The main outcomes of these directions are:  new nitrogen heterocycles biologically active [antimicrobials (antituberculosis including), anticancer and grow up factors for agriculture], new nanobiomaterials with and without nitrogen heterocycle moieties, etc.; Chemistry and Nanoscience – in this field our efforts are orientated in the area of oxa- and oxaaza- coronands, nano-electronics and nano-devices, nanobiomaterials (for dentistry including), new highly fluorescent materials, chemical captors (chemosensors); Chemistry and Sustainable Development – microwave and ultrasounds assisted reactions; these technologies allow us to develop environmental friendly methods, with lower waste and environmental friendly impact [“green” chemistry].

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