Scientific Researcher II Violeta Mangalagiu

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, CERNESIM Center

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Ph-D Mangalagiu Violeta is a Scientific Researcher  III at L1-CERNESIM-ICI. She obtained the PhD title in the field of Material and Engineering Science, in 2010, at ”Stefan cel Mare” din Suceava, România. The main research interest of Ph-D Mangalagiu Violeta is in the area of design and synthesis of new azaheterocyclic compounds, new hybrid organic / inorganic nanobiomaterials with azaheterocyclic skeleton and quinine, functionalized with metal nanoparticles, as well as the investigation of their properties. The synthetic methods for obtaining the newly azaheterocycles and nanobiomaterials are original, including environmentally friendly methods, using ultrasonic and microwave technologies. The applications of the newly obtained small molecular azaheterocyclic compounds and of the new nanocomposite materials, have in view potential uses in the pharmaceutical, medical and optoelectronic fields.