Scientific Researcher PhD Elena-Diana Bobric

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, CERNESIM Center

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She graduated Faculty of Geography and Geology from University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geography, a master’s degree in Environmental Science and a PhD in Geography with thesis: “The assessment of the soil carbon stock in depending on the land use in the Neamțu river basin”. The main areas of interest and research are: Monitoring of environmental factors (Organic carbon in soils: typology, distribution, storage, modeling; Determination of physico-chemical parameters in aquatic systems; Determining the physical and chemical properties of soils in different ecosystems (arable, forest, etc.); Determination of total forms of mercury in soils and vegetation) Pollution and environmental protection (Quantification of some metals and their isotopes in various environments; The air pollution; Noise pollution).