Laboratory of bio-monitoring and bioremediation of environmental quality

The biological side of environmental science is found in CERNESIM by setting up the Laboratory for biomonitoring and remediation of environmental quality.

The biomonitoring and environmental quality remediation laboratory will focus on the following research directions:

  • Biomonitoring of air, water and soil pollution, using species of living organisms as monitors;
  • Investigation of biomarkers of pollution (structural, physiological and biochemical)
  • Assessment of the ecotoxicological potential of the aquatic and terrestrial environment;
  • Bioremediation of the quality of the environment compared to metals, organic compounds from various natural matrices:

          – Phytoremediation (phytodegradation, phytovolatilization, phytostabilization, rhizofiltration, rhizodegradation);

          – Microbial and algal biotechnologies for wastewater depollution;

          – Biotechnologies for micro-remediation of polluted soils.