Laboratory for the investigation of physico-chemical processes from atmosphere and for testing new ecological technologies for gaseous pollutants sinks

The laboratory consists of three specific work components:

  • Atmospheric chemistry component that will investigate the behavior of specific gaseous pollutants, in atmospheric conditions specific to the North-East region (humidity, temperature, NQ, actin flux);
  • Component of the use of ecological technologies for the destruction of gaseous pollutants specific to the North-East region;
  • Atmospheric physics component that will test new instruments with industry applicability (new gaseous pollutant monitoring sensors)
  • The main purpose of the Atmospheric Chemistry laboratory, unique in Romania, is to establish the relationship between pollutant emissions and air quality. This will be done using a reaction chamber, which will simulate the atmospheric conditions specific to the regions in Romania.

In Romania, the realization of this laboratory within the CERNESIM center is a novelty.