Senior Researcher II Florin TUDORACHE

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, RAMTECH Center

Areas of expertise:

Scientific profile:


Materials preparation (ceramics, ferrite, perovskite); electrical and magnetic characterizations; testing material with applications in the fields of micro-electronics, humidity and gas sensors. Dr. Florin TUDORACHE has at least 15 years experience to investigate fundamental phenomena and exploring of ceramic materials with applications in the field of sensors and micro-electronics.

Expertise in study of electrical characterization in the presence/absence of humidity on various materials. Original contribution has been made on the improvement of the humidity sensors specific parameters: sensitivity; response time–24 ISI papers, 2 national patents applications.

Expertise in study of transport in various materials in the presence/absence of gas vapors. Original contributions have been made on the selectivity; sensitivity; response time–15 ISI papers. Expertise in study of magnetic properties of the ceramics that were made original contributions to the magnetization saturation, remanence, coercivity, Curie temperature–9 ISI papers.