Scientific Researcher II PhD habil. Corneliu Doroftei

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, CERNESIM Center

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Corneliu Doroftei is a Scientific Researcher II PhD habil. at L3C-CERNESIM-ICI. His main areas of research include: Preparation and testing of gas sensor characteristics of some inorganic and organic materials and structures, by investigating the electric, optical, photoelectric, photoluminescence, and structural characteristics, as a function of pollutant nature and concentration/
Preparation and testing of catalytic properties of some materials based on nanostructured oxide semiconductors, used for the catalytic combustion of gases at low concentrations/
Synthesizing of some functional structures for polluting gas sensors and solid state catalysts.The main objectives are: Developing new research directions in the field of solid state sensors and catalysts for pollutant gaseous compounds/ Testing new tools with industrial applicability (new sensors for monitoring of gaseous pollutants and catalysts used in catalytic combustion of gases at low concentrations).