Scientific Researcher Ramona Năstuță (Huzum)

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, CERNESIM Center

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Dr. eng. Năstuţă Ramona is a scientific researcher at L4-CERNESIM-ICI. She won a 3-year doctoral fellowship through competition (POSDRU/88/1.5/S/47646) at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi and she obtained, in 2012, the title of Doctor of Science in Geology with the thesis: “Geochemistry of trace elements in the system soil – vines – wine from the Huşi area (Romania)”. In 2014, she obtained a 16-month postdoctoral fellowship through competition (POSDRU/159/1.5/S/133391) with the project: “The geochemical study of selected trace elements regarding the soil-plant and soil-wine relations from vineyard area of Moldavian Plateau (Romania)”. Her research interests are related to the environmental geochemistry and pedogeochemistry, and her research focuses on the geochemical distribution of potentially toxic elements in the soil / water – plant – food system. A new direction of interest is related to the Plasma-Agriculture field (the use of cold plasmas in the wine production process).