Ioana Balmus

Scientific Researcher III PhD Ioana-Miruna Balmuș

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences

Areas of expertise:

Scientific profile:



Molecular Biology and Genetics:

  • DNA/ RNA isolation and purification from different samples types
  • gene mutations and polymorphisms identification by PCR and PCR-RFLP
  • nucleic acids electrophoresis; electrophoregram analysis
  • biochemical analysis using methods based on spectrophotometry, colorimetry, enzymatic activity, and ELISA; the biochemistry of oxidative stress

Animal Physiology:

  • modulation of some neuropsychiatric disorders symptomatology in laboratory animals
  • evaluation of laboratory animals response to different treatments by behavioral testingevaluarea prin teste comportamentale a răspunsului animalelor de laborator la diferite tratamente