CS Eugen ONICIUC - Ramtech

Research Scientist Eugen Mirel ONICIUC

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, RAMTECH Center

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Eugen Mirel Oniciuc is a research scientist working at the intersection between physics, mathematics and artificial intelligence. He is specializing in multiscale modelling applied in magnetism, spin-electronics, ultrafast (femtosecond) opto-magnetism, photonics, and photovoltaics. Dr. Oniciuc is also involved in cutting-edge industry projects, applying machine learning techniques at the interaction between humans and machines.

Developed as a theoretical physicist at CARPATH, a research group with 100-year tradition in magnetism, awarded as the best research group in Romania, Dr. Oniciuc is interested in building physical and mathematical models to feed statistical models in a data-driven approach of fundamental science, based on probability and uncertainty, to complement his experimental work at RAMTECH. Nonlinear optics, quantum optics and solar cells are the main areas he is focused on.