Senior Researcher II/ARCHAEOLOGIST Andrei Asăndulesei

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, ARHEOINVEST Center

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Dr. Andrei Asăndulesei is senior researcher/archaeologist at ICI with expertise in the area of prehistoric archaeology. His main responsibilities include non-invasive geophysical prospection, aerial photography, LiDAR/TLS interpretation and GIS applications in archaeology. He is closely interested in the analysis of the ancient human settling patters and internal spatial organizations of settlements in order to better understand the interdependence relationship between communities and the environment. He received several scholarships abroad, as part of international multi-institutional research teams from Germany, Austria, France, and Australia, in which he had the possibility to conduct non-invasive field surveys in Kurdistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Caucasus, Russia, Germany, and the R. Moldova. As project manager, he coordinated the UEFISCDI grant Non-destructive approaches to complex archaeological sites. An integrated applied research model for cultural heritage management (2014–2017). His contributions are reflected in articles, studies, books and book chapters, participation and organization of conferences, etc.