Scientific Researcher dr. Sabina-Nicoleta Rotenștein

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department

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Sabina-Nicoleta Rotenștein is Scientific Researcher, PhD at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Department, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research with a research experience of 11 years. She got a master’s degree in linguistics and a doctoral degree in philology at Faculty of Letters, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași. Her current research activities are focused on linguistic studies and onomastics, being concerned with processes of historical development and linguistic change in the verbal morphology of Romance languages and with historical onomastics. She has published in indexed journals papers regarding the status of proper names between linguistic convention and discourse, processes of proper names’ modification or translation as well as typological approaches to Romanian surnames. Her previous work concerned the publication of old Romanian texts in Latin alphabet, with indexes of words, included in Monumenta linguae Dacoromanorum series.

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