Research Assistant Ana Drob

Department of Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, ARHEOINVEST Center

Areas of expertise:

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Ana Drob is research assistant within the Arheoinvest Center, having as main fields of interest prehistoric archeology and archaeometry. Her archaeological field experience lists many archaeological excavation sites in Romania, coming into contact with a diverse archaeological materiality. During her doctoral studies, her research was focused on the interdisciplinary studies (OM, SEM-EDX, µFT-IR, TGA / DTA) of pottery, especially from the Bronze Age in the East-Carpathian area, from a technological and functional perspective.

The main direction of research is related to prehistoric technologies of pottery manufacturing, involving the sources of raw materials, finishing methods and techniques, firing temperatures and vessels functionality. Another perspective is represented by the archaeometric analysis of metallic objects by studying the corrosion crusts, patina and the types of alloys.

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